The Whisky Life List, Your Personal Archive!

We look forward to working with students as they explore the Whisky Life List. All students will have access to this personal archive that was created for those who want to keep track of the Whiskies that they have enjoyed.whisky life list 2

Here are some views of what the list currently looks like. We now have 1683 whiskies listed which is a good start. You can get some idea from the welcome page how it will flow. There is a search function area where the user keys in the name of the whisky and then, if the whisky is on the list, up comes the tasting note area. This is for the user to fill in as they see fit.

We now have the ability to upload images to this tasting note area. This way a user can take some photos of the event where they enjoyed the whisky and have the images filed with the tasting note.

It has been suggested that the ability to post to Facebook from the archive will be a big plus. We are looking into this.

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