Blair Athol

The seventh distillery on my visit has a basic and enhanced tours like many of the distilleries. The way that I prefer to travel with my flight home being the only certain booking, I did not book ahead to see a distillery unless it was the only way in to the distillery like Aberlour in Speyside.

The downside of this is the lost opportunity for a wide scope of tastings at a given distillery.
If you prefer a more scheduled tour, I would recommend you buy a copy of the book called
“Discovering Scotland’s Distilleries” by Gavin D. Smith and Graeme Wallace.

The big question then becomes ‘Who will drive today?”

Distillery number seven Blair Athol offered a 12 year old single malt as part of their standard tour. It was a lovely fruity sweet dram that I would be happy to have in my drinks cabinet.

Blair Athol distillery had Bell’s Whisky signs displayed prominently. This is a blended whisky that they help produce.