Welcome to the Canadian College of Whisky Knowledge where we are United by the Love of Whisky. If you enjoy sipping whisky, this is the right place for you. We offer many opportunities for learning more about the water of life. The College has a Degree in Whisky Appreciation that can be earned one drink at a time.

We also have The Whisky Life List a web based application (APP) that can help the whisky lover keep track of all the different whiskies they have enjoyed. The APP is a database that has room for photos along with tasting notes.

Our technical team is devising a way to provide a free 60 day trial of this APP. We are asking for feedback on your experiences with this APP because, if possible, we will make improvements.

We are redesigning the, suitable for framing,  Degree of Whisky Appreciation. It will be displayed when completed.

This degree can be earned by independent study only, so students must be diligent. One hundred different whiskies are sampled with the whisky profile and it's tasting notes recorded in the students personal Whisky Life List. A creative contribution to The College is also expected before the student is approved for graduation. The idea here is to have graduates provide content such as photos, stories, etc. that can be used to promote the love of whisky. 

Put yourself in the picture!

Chairman Bill




Travis Kelly Sarnia

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