Welcome to the Canadian College of Whisky Knowledge, where we are accepting students for 2016. Our motto is United by the Love of Whisky!

To become a student, you can pay $5.29 CAD for one year's tuition or you can write a one page (200 word) entrance essay on whisky. This essay will be written in English and, if accepted, the essay may be published here. This can be a first person account of whisky adventures or a more scholarly approach. After all, no one was born an expert. Send this essay to bill@ccwkn.com. If you prefer to pay, find the PayPal button under the "Free Tuition" banner.

Students in good standing will receive a password that will give them access to the (link)       Whisky Life List. This is a web based application designed to allow students to record information and impressions of various whiskies as they enjoy them. Our technical staff are working to give the ability to upload selfies and other images into the tasting notes section of (link) Whisky Life List  

This application has been created to help whisky enthusiasts the world over!

Thanks for visiting!

Chairman Bill

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Travis Kelly Sarnia

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