Whiski Rooms Edinburgh

This is a tremendous shrine to whisky. I brought my listing of all of the different whiskies available in my home province of Ontario Canada. Then I brought out my notebook with my tasting notes on the whiskies that I have enjoyed to date. The third piece of the puzzle was the binder listing the whiskies available to purchase at the Whiski Rooms.

It is important to have an overall plan so that these tutoured tastings help to further the whisky lover’s knowledge and appreciation of this wondrous drink.

After consulting with Emma from New Zealand I decided to try 15 year old Benrinnes, 12 year old Deanston and 12 year old Pulteney

15 year old Benrinnes: lovely fruit flavours, a pleasant sweet dram ,part of the flora and fauna series
12 year old Deanston: a tasty and smooth whisky
12 year old Pulteney: a light coloured drink with traces of salt and a smoky finish.

The first two whiskies I enjoyed very much and would be happy to have in my drinks cabinet.
The 12 year old Pulteney was not to my taste. This saved me a trip to the north of Scotland where their distillery is located.


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